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Pomegranate Molasses (8 Oz)

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Sumptuous, filling, and temptingly healthy, our Biona Organic Granola with Wild Berries is just the thing to get you out of bed. The goodness of rolled wholegrain oats are combined


The juice of pomegranates, cooked to a very thick consistency, is called pomegranate molasses. However, the term “molasses” is quite misleading. While its color is similar to molasses made of sugar cane or sugar beets, pomegranate molasses is not a sweetener but a condiment, and as such added to dishes in small amounts.

Pomegranate molasses is an important ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking. The Arabic name (dibs rumaan or rub rumaan) “thickened pomegranate juice.” The Turkish name “sour pomegranate” best fits what pomegranate molasses is.

That being said, the taste of pomegranate molasses is much more sour than sweet, and to some palettes it tastes astringent.

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